My Wedding Weekend Through Pictures! Yeah, they are out of order, but that’s part of the fun! Enjoy!



MY Cray Cray Life List! (What’s yours?)

Here is a list of things I am doing this summer. Come up with your own list on your blog and link it in a comment below! Let’s see what everyone is up to!


  1. Wedding- I’m getting married in September and I am working on the table numbers… They are hideous! PLEASE HELP!Image Also with the wedding are the actual invitations and the wedding shower invites Imageand as I was typing this I just realized that I need to call my dress shop for an alterations appointment. Excuse me…
  2. I am the organizer of a kids group on and I have to find a regular place for us to meet as well as sponsors.
  3. Of course the, “Back to School” psychotic episode is right around the corner and I have to register my 3 year old for preschool, my 5 year old for kindergarten, both girls, and since my 7 year old is the oldest girl she will get all the new clothes and the two younger ones will get the Hand-Me-Downs… So that takes care of some shopping at least!
  4. I am trying to work my businesses in my spare time. and I also have another business but I might have to quit that. Love the product but I don’t see myself going anywhere with the company
  5. WE ARE MOVING!!!!! We are planning to move to Austin TX hopefully by the end of the year, but we may wait till the end the the school year. Nevertheless I am starting to pack. UGH!!! Any tips for getting ready to move even if you aren’t exactly sure on the date?
  6. The REASON we don’t know when we are moving: Mr Shane Murphy himself. Shane just started a new job and we are waiting to see how the trial period goes to help us decide if it’s ok to move. He’s doing an EXCELLENT JOB so far and I am getting ready for the Christmas date.
  7.  Image Shane is #’s6&7 because I don’t know how to work the #s (o_0)

  8. Oh yes, I have my two youngest full time this summer. My two oldest are coming back home THIS WEEKEND after staying 5 weeks with their grandparents Image
  9. My blog…. lol, I really need to keep up with it and I am going to sincerely try. OK, your turn.