If I’m a Vegan, I can still eat at Taco Bell right? I mean, that’s not real meat.

I’m sitting on the corner of my king size bed, in my room, watching, “Too Cute” on Netflix and eating my vegan tacos. Two of my four kids are sick with Croup, Shane and I finally got them to bed and I realized that I’ve only gone pee once today.

I’m so tired that I’m beyond any form of sleep and I said I was going to write more, so here I am writing. Shane is laying on the other side of the bed and his black, gold toed, sock covered, feet are right in front of me. He’s arm is next to Allie, our youngest daughter and the eldest of the sick ones, and he’s rubbing her feet and back trying to comfort her. She’s been sick for a few days now and I think we are taking her to the doctor in the morning. One of the worst parts of having a sick child is taking them to the doctor and hearing them say that you brought them in to early to treat. I thought the point of western medicine was to help people, especially children, get better sooner not have them get worse before they can be treated. I think she’s over the worst of it though. My poor Liam, my youngest, is just getting started.¬†

I’ve recently discovered Vine. I missed becoming famous with that by a half of a year. (@shab_stuff) I bet nobody remembers the app, Cheers. I was on that in the first few weeks of it going live and I had so many cheer points! I was super famous on that app, unfortunately, I was only one of about 200 people and after 15 months of, “cheersing” stuff with no new users I had to accept that it wasn’t going to catch on. ūüė• I’m still not sure what’s going on with the Circle app, and I’m open to opinions.¬†

I want to apologize to any readers who were drawn in by my awesome title only to find themselves tricked into reading it’s stupid content. I thought I was going somewhere with this post.

Anyway… Isn’t that what Ellen says after all her shows? It’s like her production company slogan or something.¬†

Meow Meow



MY Cray Cray Life List! (What’s yours?)

Here is a list of things I am doing this summer. Come up with your own list on your blog and link it in a comment below! Let’s see what everyone is up to!


  1. Wedding- I’m getting married in September and I am working on the table numbers… They are hideous! PLEASE HELP!Image¬†Also with the wedding are the actual invitations and the wedding shower invites Imageand as I was typing this I just realized that I need to call my dress shop for an alterations appointment. Excuse me…
  2. I am the organizer of a kids group on MeetUp.com and I have to find a regular place for us to meet as well as sponsors.
  3. Of course the, “Back to School” psychotic episode is right around the corner and I have to register my 3 year old for preschool, my 5 year old for kindergarten, both girls, and since my 7 year old is the oldest girl she will get all the new clothes and the two younger ones will get the Hand-Me-Downs… So that takes care of some shopping at least!
  4. I am trying to work my businesses in my spare time. https://alexis4awesomebags.miche.com¬†and¬†http://www.etsy.com/shop/ShaneHasABeard¬†I also have another business but I might have to quit that. Love the product but I don’t see myself going anywhere with the company¬†http://14575.origamiowl.com/
  5. WE ARE MOVING!!!!! We are planning to move to Austin TX hopefully by the end of the year, but we may wait till the end the the school year. Nevertheless I am starting to pack. UGH!!! Any tips for getting ready to move even if you aren’t exactly sure on the date?
  6. The REASON we don’t know when we are moving: Mr Shane Murphy himself. Shane just started a new job and we are waiting to see how the trial period goes to help us decide if it’s ok to move. He’s doing an EXCELLENT JOB so far and I am getting ready for the Christmas date.
  7. ¬†Image¬†Shane is #’s6&7 because I don’t know how to work the #s (o_0)

  8. Oh yes, I have my two youngest full time this summer. My two oldest are coming back home THIS WEEKEND after staying 5 weeks with their grandparents Image
  9. My blog…. lol, I really need to keep up with it and I am going to sincerely try. OK, your turn.

We are the Beards







I am Alexis Anaya.

I am the fiance of Shane Murphy aka ShaneHasABeard. Together we have 4 children (ages 1, 3, 5 and 7), with my two oldest coming from a previous marriage. Shane is an amazing step-dad and dad, but we face challenges just like everyone. I deal with Fibromyalgia on pretty much a daily basis and kidney stones on and off for three years, while staying at home with our kids, running my two Direct Sales business and working on the promotion and product line of @shanehasabeard. Shane is currently working two jobs (transitioning out of one and into another), always has his mind on new material for his Twitter account and suffers from OCD daily.

Take all that and add our wedding in September and a big move to another state in December and you have the recipe for our hectic but normal (to us anyway) lives.

Sometimes Shane and I look at each other and wonder if we will ever catch a break but then we realize, that would be boring. Now is the time to discover what we want. We are adults and face adult situations while at the same time still finding ourselves and defining who we want to be as individuals, a couple, parents and professionals. It’s such an amazing time in our lives and I am so excited about documenting it.¬†

We are the Beards, it’s so nice to meet you!