The Beginning of Something Beautiful

I’m living right now, right now in a time of struggle and hardship where Shane and I are unsure about our future. It’s a time, where years from now, we will look back and see scars over our still open wounds. We will laugh about how hard everything was and how hopeless we felt, not realizing the potential that was locked away inside of us, hungry to escape. We will think about how unaware we were of the good fortune and blessings that were waiting, silently for us right around the corner. The fortune of our life and our livelihood coming together to work, finally, in our favor.

We will reminisce when our hair is silver and our children are grown, about how Shane decided to take a leap of faith and follow his dream, and how I followed mine by supporting him and believing in myself. We will see our babies with their own, raising them to be good and strong the way they, themselves were raised.

Now, don’t think me naive or romantic. I’ve seen and experienced my fair share of heartbreak and even misery. Unfortunately, my entire family has been through so much, but that’s the beauty of life, or at least my life. I’ve lived through a lot of difficult situations and everything that I’ve lived through has taught me something about myself that I never knew was there. Shane and I have gone through horrible times together that should have ripped us apart, but in spite of it all, we fell more in love with one another and we’ve learned that there is nothing more important than commitment, support, forgiveness and faith in, and for, our family.

I truly believe that we are wading the last of it. It’s time for us to begin our lives together and live them the way we were always meant to. I know we will look back and recognize this time in our lives as the beginning of something beautiful.