Late Night Baby Travels

My son is sick and asleep in my bed. It’s the middle of the night and he wakes up because he’s thirsty. He gets out of bed, leaves my room, walks down the hall, past the child gate, into the living room, past another gate and into the kitchen. (I’ve been following him, curious of his nighttime stroll. We have sleep-walkers in the family. ) He goes right up to the sink and points. “Wawa?” I ask. He points and nods yes.  So I get him a cup and fill it with water. He takes it and goes back the way he came to my room. He sleepily takes a sip. I ask him if he’s had enough. He shakes his head no. Then he knocks one back, spilling water all over himself. Now it’s just about 1 AM and he’s wide awake and won’t touch the water. It’s going to be a long night.


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