Shane, the Comedian

Shane and I have been talking lately about what we are going to do next and I think we are ready to devote some real time and effort to Shane’s comedy career. We are looking into what it would take to start a business. Products with Shane’s tweets and/or jokes and of course his adorable face. Who could resist this face?




We are also going to jump into the Open Mic circuit and get his routine together. As of now, I am going to take on the role of, “Manager” and see where we can go from there. Being totally honest, I’m not sure what’s going to happen and we are going to put a lot on the line for this but we’ve all heard about those success stories. The one out of a thousand who made it, but that one wouldn’t have succeeded if they had never tried and I truly believe that Shane will regret it if he doesn’t put it all on the line and try to make his dream come true. 

Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m the one with the dream to see him achieve his. But as I was telling him last night, I really believe in him. I think he’s hilarious and I see how much he loves this. Making people laugh and being funny is his passion and I will do whatever I can to make it work. 


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