Alexis the Wheat-gan

As of today I have been wheat free since May and I have been Vegan for a week. Most people don’t put those two things together but I have decided to take it on and I am going to document my journey. 

The first thing I noticed this week is that I lost some weight. I started out being 171.2 and now I am 167.8.

The second thing I noticed was that I was extremely gassy. That’s right, stinky, hot, uncomfortably drawn out farts. Sorry about the description but anyone who is thinking about this lifestyle needs to know that with all that extra fiber in your new diet comes heightened flatulence. 

The third thing is that my family has taken notice. Shane, who flat out refused to go wheat free or vegan with me, has started eating my food. I make these delicious tacos with, “Meat Filling” and salsa, a baby spring mix, fresh chopped tomatoes and shredded carrots. They are to die for! He also likes my smoothies and he ate my entire pumpkin bread experiment (which I hated!) but he and my kids really enjoyed. My kids. They have been witnessing me eating vegan and there is definitely more curiosity than there was with the wheat free transition. Tawney (7) and Haidyn (5) are so intrigued by there mom who ate nothing for breakfast but eggs and turkey bacon, suddenly being satisfied with smoothies and veggies. Maybe I should just break out the scrambled tofu eggs already but honestly, I’m not sure if I miss eggs that much.

We watched a documentary yesterday on Netflix about the treatment of animals raised for food. I really never thought about being vegan for the animals. I have dogs but I would rather spend my time saving the unborn humans than animals, that we can and have been eating for centuries. The argument that we no longer need to live as omnivores though, is very compelling. The argument that we would be able to support 10 billion people on the planet if everyone just consumed a plant based diet is even more compelling. The truth is, with out flying off on a tangent is that we are killing everything trying to keep up with our meat consumption. 

I started this vegan diet to help with my fibromyalgia, kidney stones, weight and overall health but if I can help the Earth and teach my kids how to live a more healthy lifestyle then why not?

Well, the gas is one serious reason. I made Shane sleep on the couch one night because it was so bad. Seriously though, I’m going to stick to this diet and I’m really excited about how it’s going to change me and my family.


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