Writing is my passion… So I will make it so

I haven’t been in any high pressure situations to write for years. So I don’t write. The funny thing is that I tell myself that I love writing. Apparently I don’t love it as much as watching my favorite shows. I don’t love it as much as reading and I don’t love it as much as eating. In fact, if I were to create a pie chart or something I bet writing would be less than 5% of my pie. 

It’s really sad, and I don’t know how this happened to me. I would write everyday for hours before I became a mom. Some people might think, Well, Alexis, you have four children to take care of, a husband (Yes we got married!) other projects like @Shanehasabeard and Miche. It’s just life honey.

Is that true though? Life just gets in the way? Couldn’t one make the argument that life is what you make it? That you are the master of your day and if you truly love something you spend time with it? Because that’s what I want.

I am to be different from all the hundreds of thousands of people who say they’ve always wanted to write but never do. 

I am going to take my passion for writing and use it in a way that will support my family and help Shane take on his passion.

I am going to write a new post everyday and I am going to be honest about who I am. 





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