Let’s Have a Party!

Let's Have a Party!

So yesterday I was channel surfing (is that still a thing people say?) and I happened upon the movie, “Julie and Julia”

I watched it and by the end I was like, “Wha Wha Whaaaaa……”

UGH! What a beautifully inspiring story! I HATE IT!
It’s not Julie Powell’s fault though. It’s mine. I took some time to feel sorry for myself and my sorry ass writing. I AM a writer who doesn’t write.

So as soon as my pity party was over I decided to pick up my laptop and start a new post. Which would have been a great testament to my dedication to writing, until I looked at the computer and opted to make gluten free strawberry shortcakes instead!

In my defense, it was for Allie’s 3rd birthday and they were SO DELICIOUS! I didn’t even get to take a picture of them because they were gone so quickly. But they were awesome!

We celebrated Allie’s birthday as a joint birthday with my cousin’s son Atlas. We, (Shane, Allie, Liam and I) drove to Roswell from Albuquerque to pick up Tawney and Haidyn and from there drove to Portales for an amazing weekend. All four kids played in the water and My cousin, her boyfriend and Shane and I had fun as well! And I just found out that my cousin is pregnant with her 2nd child, which is wonderful!

Ok, this post went way off topic but at least I WROTE! I stopped ignoring my loyal laptop and landed my fingers on the keys and let it flow… and flow… and flow…

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