This is the day…


Yesterday, Shane quit his job at a retail support call center for a well known cellular company. He had been battling with himself about quitting for weeks. On the one hand, he had this job that he was really good at and he was making pretty good money (though he absolutely hated it). He was #8 out of 250 people at this call center and would receive a bonus every month for ranking so high. On the other hand. He has been looking into a well know life insurance agency for a career change. He started studying to become an agent a couple of weeks ago and last week used his days off to attend their training. We hardly saw him.

My fibromyalgia has been bothering me more and more, having to take on more responsibilities with the house and the kids and the business. I was tired and I missed him. 

So I decided to take the kids out for the day and drive to his work to pick Shane up for lunch. The first thing he said as he got in the car was, “I hate this job. I can’t wait to quit.” 

“What are you waiting for?” I asked.

“Well, I was waiting to pass my license test so we could keep making money until I completely switched over to the new company.” He answered.

We looked at each other and I drove to a nearby gas station to fill up the car. (I like it when he does it because he looks so handsome standing by the pump. I also like hearing the kids laugh as he makes funny faces at them through the window.) When we got back on the road we drove around for a bit and I asked him what he was waiting to quit for? We had some money to use during this time and I promised to cut back on my spending. I pointed out how exhausted he was and that he was going to take his studying down to the wire if he continued to work full time. 

He looked at me and said, “That is such a good point. I’m going to quit after work today.” He was so confident but that confidence waned a little as we pulled up to the call center so I could drop him off. He questioned his decision one more time and looked to me to give him some reassurance. 

“You need to quit.” I said simply, knowing it was the right thing. He smiled and told me that he was going to do it and I felt so happy knowing he would come home tonight relieved. 

He’s been here all day today; interrupting whatever I’m doing to ask me to look over his latest Tweet, riling the kids up, asking to watch “Groundhog Day” as a family AFTER his favorite HGTV show, plus he ate all my boiled eggs! And I find myself asking… Oh Lord, what did I do? I love this man.


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